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Dr Klaus Ueberreiter

Dr Klaus Ueberreiter, born the 20th of July, 1955 in Berlin studied medicine at the Free University, Berlin. He wrote his thesis about intestinal parasitism including 12 months of field studies in Bolivia. After training in different hospitals of Berlin in general and orthopedic surgery he graduated in general surgery. Thereafter he went on to specialised training in Berlin and Hannover University to become both a German and European board certified Plastic Surgeon. In 1998 he became head physician of the newly founded Department of Plastic Surgery, Asklepios Klinik Birkenwerder/ Berlin. Since 2007 he developed the BEAULI method of mega volume fat graft especially for breast reconstruction and augmentation. 1n 2012 he founded with two colleagues his own private hospital of plastic surgery, the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/ Berlin, which he is leading now.

Publications about Free Fat Grafting, Breast Reduction and other.

Editor of textbook: Autologous Fat Graft (German, in translation)

Author of textbook: Scar Sparing Breast Reduction (German)